At BJØRN & DELFINO we love wine and we have made our 
every effort to create a wine list with carefully selected wines from small European family wineries; wines that are region- and grape-typical and are produced with a focus on  stylistic purity and a traditional and authentic expression.

Many of the wines are organic and/or biodynamic. The producers hand harvest the grapes, some foot stomp, but common to them all is that they make damn good wine
with respect for nature, people and the local wine tradition.

We’ve created a fairly manageable wine list, but has a wide enough selection for you to explore,
dive in and challenge yourself and your company.

Are there particular wines you are looking for but you don’t
in the wine list, please let us know before your
visit us. So we can check if we can meet your request and have the wine ready when you arrive. We will go far
to create an unforgettable wine experience for you.

Cheers and enjoy!